YMSC Icon Tsinghua Seminar on Strings and Fields 2019

About the Workshop

Dec 12-13, 2019, YMSC, Tsinghua University, Beijking

Speakers: Takuya Okuda (University of Tokyo), Du Pei (MSRI & UC Berkeley), Pavel Putrov (ICTP), Ruidong Zhu (Dublin IAS)
Organizers: Mauricio Romo, Dan Xie, Wenbin Yan (YMSC)


Talks on Thur Dec/12/2019 will be at the lecture hall, 3d floor, JinChunYuan West building, while talks on Fri Dec/13/2019 will be at Conference Room 1, JinChunYuan West building.

Time\Date Thur Dec/12/2019 Fri Dec/13/2019
9:00-10:00 Discussion Takuya Okuda
10:30-11:30 Du Pei
13:30-14:30 Ruidong Zhu Discussion
15:00-16:00 Pavel Putrov

Title and Abstract

Takuya Okuda
Title: Localization for Coulomb branch operators in three and four dimensions
Abstract: We study the Coulomb branch operators of 3d N=4 gauge theories on R^3 and 4d N=2 gauge theories on S^1 x R^3, with omega deformation. In particular we perform SUSY localization for monopole operators in 3d, and for 't Hooft line operators in 4d. Non-perturbative contributions can be computed using 0d and 1d gauge theories engineered by D-branes. We relate wall-crossing phenomena in the 0d and 1d theories to the orderings of operators in 3d and 4d. This talk is based on 1905.11305 with Hayashi and Yoshida, and on 1910.01802 with Yoshida.

Du Pei
Title: 4d Symplectic Duality
Abstract: Symplectic duality relates the Coulomb and Higgs branches of 3d N=4 theories. In this talk, I will present some emerging evidences for an analogous relation between the Coulomb and Higgs branches for 4d N=2 theories.

Pavel Putrov
Title: Trialities of minimally supersymmetric 2d gauge theories
Abstract: In my talk I will propose an infrared duality between certain triples of N=(0,1) 2d supersymmetric gauge theories with orthogonal and symplectic gauge groups, i.e. a triality. The proposal is supported by anomaly and flavored superconformal index matching. The mathematics behind this statement is an identity between equivariant elliptic genera of certain vector bundles over different real Grassmanians. I will also discuss the relation between the global anomalies in gauge theoretic and non-linear sigma model descriptions.

Ruidong Zhu
Title: A statistical mechanics model for Argyres-Douglas theories and Macdonald index
Abstract: We propose a correspondence between a statistical mechanics model of random paths and Schur sector of (A_{n-1},A_{m-1}) Argyres-Douglas theories (with n and m coprime). A refined character is naturally defined in the statistical mechanics model, and it matches with the Macdonald index of rank one and rank two Argyres-Douglas theories computed via the TQFT approach.